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san mateo residence

brisbane residence

the mono street residence is an extensive renovation and remodel of a 1920’s, 2-bedroom, wood-framed bungalow that was in a state of disrepair. the project site is near the base of the northern slope of san bruno mountain in the small town of brisbane, california just south of the city of san francisco. the original structure was limited in its size and orientation and it took little advantage of the spectacular views of the mountain, as well as sweeping views of san francisco bay. the project required salvaging the existing structure and expanding the house with a new addition. the addition added critical space, maximized the views and took advantage of the indoor/outdoor connections while remaining sensitive to the scale and style of the existing house.


san francisco victorian

this dolores street residence is a substantial renovation of an existing 3-level / 2-unit victorian building in san francisco.  built in 1892 on dolores street, the structure is considered historically significant by the city of san francisco as a landmark victorian with “here today” status documented by the “historical sites project of san francisco". the project included considerable interior renovations and the removal, redesign and replacement of a portion of the structure that was added to the original building in 1916.

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